Thursday, January 05, 2006

Gimme an A!

I never shop during the middle of the day. Today I had to run some errands and I found myself in the midst of the holiday markdowns on Broadway. I am a bad shopper, wracked by guilt.

But I need new bras and shopping for them almost seemed productive.

I know my size.
I know the sale price was truly a deal.
I know I require this highly engineered padding.

I selected a few and saw the velvet rope marking the line that was wrapping around the store.

I walked out with nothing realizing
size DOES matter.


Oops Kitty (aka Fatty BoBatty) said...

I know my size too and its XXXXXXXL.

I may need a bra soon too. Do they make them for boy cats?

The Ambassador of Leisure said...

Good thing you have a husband that is secure enough in his manhood to battle the 34th street wenches for the last three good bras on sale.

Only in New York will you see a 200 pound man wrestle three 90 pound women for an A cup at half price.....well....maybe in SF too.