Thursday, January 12, 2006

I'm officially 30

I wheeled and dealed and got a hotel room for $70 a night.
I've scheduled almost every lunch, dinner, breakfast & happy hour
for my three day trip to San Francisco next week.
I wrote about my pleasure for purchasing plane tickets on this blog.
I have even thought about what coat to pack...

Actually make a plane reservation.

I picked my flight and even chose seats,
but I never quite booked it.
It is still a mystery to me.
There is NO record of my reservation.

And it's a holiday weekend and
space is very limited
so I am greatful to be 30 . . . A
(the last window seat)


Chris Glass said...

Well dag. Happy 30!

habitehome said...

bra size or age?

joen said...

must be the Seinfeld car reservation problem. you know how to make the reservation, just not how to hold the reservation. maybe it's related to how much you enjoy making reservations (re: blog jan 9th).